Why Is Virtual Home Staging Melbourne Industry Thriving Even During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic ramifications can be seen and felt everywhere. Big and small business organisations and every industry are badly affected too. If there is one single business niche that this crisis seems to have failed wreaking havoc on, it is the virtual home staging Melbourne industry. 

Unlike traditional home staging setup, where you need to remove some items inside a home to be replaced with something else like avant-garde furniture together and a few carefully selected accent pieces — all to help in augmenting the home sale price, virtual home staging is carried out on a personal computer.

Virtual home staging is a combination of 3D modeling software applications, creative photography, and imaginative renderings. The careful and intelligent use of such applications will significantly help in producing up snazzed-up rooms and spaces inside a house.

Virtual home staging comes with its array of advantages, and one of which is that the cost of property staging of this type is considerably less. Even during this time of social distancing, if you are a property owner you can still put up your home in the property market in its best look yet sans having to move a piece of single furniture out.  

One of the plausible reasons why virtual home staging Melbourne industry is growing at the moment is social distancing. Even when most people nowadays are aware of what virtual staging is, they are not yet that inclined to take advantage of it. 

virtual home staging Melbourne

The vast majority of realtors in the country are traditional and are not keen to adapt to newer technology, but the COVID-19 pandemic left them without much of a choice but to consider and try it. In the end, they realized that it is much better than the traditional method of staging up a space for the property market. 

The process of virtual staging for residential properties is fairly simple. The client, which can be a developer, realtor, or builder, will need to submit  1 or more high-quality photos of a room or rooms that the property owner would like to have styled or staged. For optimal results, as much as possible, never settle for any photo that is not professionally shot. When it comes to the picture resolution, they should come in at 3,000 x 2,000 pixels. 

After the images are properly staged, they will be sent back to the client. At this point, he will assess the work on images and determine which ones will need further modifications. This should not go without any additional cost. It is normal for clients to receive the final, working on images in 1 to 2 days. But recently, due to the surge in demand for this kind of service it may take 3-5 business days.  

There is home staging Melbourne firms that offer their clientele 3 kinds of staging services. With the virtual type of staging, the client would be sending them photos of the rooms empty. 

Their in-house designers will work it out and fill the photographed room with appropriate pieces of furniture and maybe a couple of accent pieces to heighten up the vibe of the room. For as long as they look attractive and beautiful, they can be used for social media postings together with the other marketing/promotional materials they may have.  

The second type of service they may have is the virtual removal of furniture and staging. This type of service is usually most taken advantage of by tenanted homes or apartments. 

Or any residential properties with large and heavy furniture items that moving or temporary removal would not be practical. These home styling firms can work on them and virtually remove the furniture to be replaced by a more appropriate and modern piece. 

The third service they may offer is a virtual renovation. This option works best for residential properties that no amount of staging would work but the remodeling of the space would be absolute best.

With this kind of staging service, you can have an actual image of how your indoor space would look like with a brand new flooring with an array of new appliances. Or for example what your patio would look like if you will add up a hot tub to it.