Overcoming Difficult Rock Formations with Sonic Drill

Many people think of giving up when a drilling project would involve a difficult and challenging rock formation. They may not know this yet, but employing sonic drilling for such a project is the sanest thing to do because it is primarily designed for that kind of work or drilling task. 

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Deciding to go ahead with a project that seems to entail an insurmountable difficulty is a risk and can’t be taken lightly, especially when something is at stake. If you know that you are about to take on a drilling job that involves working on loose or fragile ground, the use of a sonic drill will make sense.  

All these years, the mining sector has been taking advantage of sonic technology and makes it work to their advantage. They know that with this type of drilling technology, they have a good chance of overcoming obstacles with great efficiency. Other methods of drilling that are still being used today will never be at par with what can be achieved with the sonic method of drilling. 

The high level of success of the sonic method of drilling can be attributed to its use of resonant energy. This frequency force significantly helps the core barrel to advance itself regardless of the subsurface formation you are faced with. With the drilling activity going on, it will generate energy that will be relayed to the drill string and, then, finally onto the bit face. This is considered by the experts as a normal occurrence that may happen at varying sonic level frequencies. 

The string and its sustained rotation will help on ensuring that there is an even distribution of energy here. It is possible to leave an impact on the bit face, which renders the efficient advancing of the string. 

While the sample is contained within the core barrel, the outer casing would be drilled over the barrel, helping it in the process to keep the same depth. This takes away the need for liquid of any kind, even water. The chances that the hole will become and remain stable is high. What does this cover then? Heaving or lose sand, gravel, till, cobbles and boulders. 

Here are some good points on why the sonic drill is considered by expert minds in the business as more advantageous than any other conventional method of drilling. 

Superior information: 

Sonic cutting is very effective in sheering soil. It will be so clean that it will be hard for anyone to spot the presence of liquid around it. Or else it certainly would have diluted or soaked your sample. The drilling process will work in such a way that you are likely to obtain a relatively undisturbed sample, no matter what kind of soil you may be working on. 

With this kind of scenario, you are certain to be a step closer to obtaining 100% core recovery, and this is going to be continuous to the depth. This will translate into superior subsurface information, a crucial factor to have when you need to decide anything about continuing or carrying on your drilling project or chance the course instead.  


The medley of slow rotation and vibration will render the quick advancement of the casing via unconsolidated formations. This gives you a reason to expect a penetration rate that is at least 3 times faster than what traditional overburden drilling is like to have.  

Reduced amount of waste: 

This drilling method, by far, is considered by industry insiders as an efficient drilling process that can be carried out efficiently even without the use of any kind of liquid, which will reduce expected drill spoils and wastes to at least 80%. With other traditional methods of drilling, this is going to be a complete opposite.  


Employing sonic drill, with all the 3 points described above, for what seems to be your most challenging ground drilling project to date will increase your odds of obtaining full control in mapping out your projects’ schedule as well as allowing for better management of your resources, particularly in the financial aspect. 

It also minimizes the chances of your drilling project to fail as well as the possibility of deadlock brought about by difficult subsurface conditions. And the fact that it will also lower your overall costs while keeping the likelihood of environmental impact is a sigh of relief to project handlers.  

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a PlasmaCam Machine in Australia?

Plasmacam in Australia

When the topic of discussion is all about CNC cutting machines, it is hard not to mention plasmacam Australian machines. Expert minds in the industry believe, and are making this assertion, that it is among the world’s leading CNC robotic brands.

It is quite evident that there is an increasing number of machining shop owners in the country that are now making that decision to switch and finally acquire and add CNC plasma cutting tables to their arsenal of machining tools in their shops.

Plasmacam is a computer-guided robotic arm. They guide the plasma torch over the work surface while the process of creating complex and intricate patterns is ongoing.

With the ability of this machine cutting tool to cut a wide spectrum of materials with such an amazing level of precision, the possibilities that you can make a significant amount of profits out of it is almost endless. If you are into creative arts and like making something out of metals, the use of plasmacam can help you create metal art and offer them for sale to art galleries and trade shows.

But the acquisition or buying a CNC machine of this type is not going to be as easy as getting your way to a nearby hardware store and pick one up. Much like anything else, you want to look for value.

If you want to save a considerable amount of time and money for your company, making careful research first is necessary.

Quality of the Machine

This is the first and foremost thing you need to look out for, a high-quality machine. We are having this notion that regardless of who manufactures them, the cost of a single CNC plasma cutting table will always be bordering on being exorbitant. Do some research on this area, so you can be sure you are getting nothing less than a high-quality product that your budget will allow you to buy.


Carefully inspect the quality of materials utilized in constructing the frame. Is it aluminum or steel? Or perhaps it is something else?

Compared to aluminum, steel is so much stronger and more durable material. Machines that are constructed out of steel tend to be lighter and display on an appearance of flimsiness.

Aluminum machines tend to be bulkier but give you the appearance of strength and durability. Machines that are made from either of these two metals are certain to have enough strength and durability even for the biggest jobs.


The quality of the table design is one important element you also need to look into . There are a lot of factors that will impact the table and its performance. A slight variation, even in the smallest factor, can create a huge impact and that happening may alter the table performance.

For instance, if the sheer weight of the gantry is way too heavy than standard, it will put some strain on handling accuracy and high speed. On the contrary, a light-weight gantry is good in making for you accurate results, even at high speeds.  


What type of motor do you control the torch with? Stepper motors are recognized as far inferior to Servo motors. You can make them move about to an infinite number of positions, for as long as it is still within the range of its motion. Additionally, it is also equipped with a mechanism that will provide the controller with some feedback.

It will give the controller an idea of the location it is working on at one particular moment. Thus, the controller can make the stepper motor just jump instead of several steps. However, the downside here is that the controller does not have any way of determining if his requested movement actually took place or if it was indeed carried out.


The things you need to take into account may not be as exhaustive as they should be but make it sure that you verify the warranty period with which the plasmacam table comes with. Are you seeing any indication that the manufacturer would be standing by their products?

When it comes to the offered warranty for these products, a long warranty period is a much better alternative as opposed to a shorter one. You might also want to know if it covers for all parts and components of your plasma cutting table, or perhaps applicable only to some parts? What options do you have in case the warranty period lapses on you? How much would it cost you to replace parts?

Machinery Maintenance for Guaranteed Safety

Progressions in technology have been it possible to revolutionize the way we do things today. With the help of information technology, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, alterations were done, the ones that we never imagined to be possible a few decades back. One common factor for the progressions we have now is a machine. It is with the use of machines that we have acquired what needs to be done without having to exert much time and effort into it.

machinery maintenance

A machine is an integral part of any business and without it, the business is bound to struggle. This is also machinery maintenance has always been stressed and made a priority. In every process of production and other related processes, machines make them possible.

Machinery Maintenance: Changing Our Lives

Machines simplify our lives. But, if a problem happens, it can also disrupt the flow of our daily activities and bring hazards if not maintained properly. This is the reason why machine maintenance and safety should be emphasized. If you are an employee or owner of a manufacturing corporation, you can very well prove the inconveniences and dangers that a poorly maintained machine would bring.

Maintaining the machine is very beneficial for the company for a long period of time. With proper maintenance, it helps avoid issues and even lengthen the life of the machine. It is recommended to seek professional guidance when doing maintenance.

Advanced techniques like infrared, sound level measurements, oil analysis, vibration analysis, and many more have been adopted to locate the problems and faults in machines during the maintenance. This is done to ensure that the machines are working properly, and they can carry out repairs wherever needed.

Machine Safety

This is one of the most important aspects that companies need to focus on. This is because the consequences of having powerful machines that could cause dangers to the workers can lead to fatal risks when handling the machines. Therefore, it is a must to install safety guards and protective coverings on the machines to they become risk-free for employees while not affecting its usage.

In this case, you need to look for professional help to acquire machine safety guards that will offer practicality, safety, and ease of maintenance. Make sure that you only look out for firms that have innovative models, as well as safety guards that are custom-made for the facility.

Investing in machine safety and maintenance is very important and will save a lot of money in the long run as there will be lesser repairs which can cost a lot and any issues and problems will be taken cared of. At the same time, it will also help keep the workplace safe and more productive as there will be no bottlenecks of faulty machines. Click this link for more information on machine maintenance.

What Makes WaterJet Cut Machine Distinct from Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal?

waterjet cut machine

For people who are not particularly fond of using water jet cutting technique in their metal fabrication works, it would benefit them to know their best features first. When working on a project that necessitates the use of metal, perhaps what can be considered as the most challenging part of it has something to do with cutting. Things can even come to the worst-case scenario when the metal sheets come in plates with 1” thickness level or sometimes even more.  

You can cut metal sheets to come up with delicate and intricate patterns. You can use either a waterjet cut machine or a laser cutter instead. Note that both of these 2 material cutting methods come with their own set of strengths and limitations. Knowing what these 2 are can make a whole world of difference in deciding which of them would work best for you and your material cutting project at hand. 

Water Jet Cutting

If you happen to have no idea how a waterjet cut machine work, it is comparable to the erosion of, say, a waterfall. Gradually, a waterfall would wear away even the hardest rock on a cliff. Perhaps, their main difference is that, water jet cutting is carried out in warp speed. It also comes with a higher level of precision. 

These jet cutters will make use of high-pressure water. At times, depending on the material you are intending to cut, abrasive particles like garnets or aluminum oxide can be added to the water itself. This measure will further intensify its cutting power a thousand times more. 

The pressured water ejected by the machine can reach a maximum 60,000 psi. This explains the reason why it is ideal for use in thicker sheets of metal, where the use of laser cutters would not practical anymore or would not be viable enough to use.

Even if you try your best effort with a laser cutter to cut through a thick metal sheet, chances are high that what you will have in the end is of poor quality. Something you will not be so proud to present to your customers. 

Metal fabrication centers that are leaning towards the use of water jet cutting machines are doing so due to one of the following four points: 

  1. It is normal for them to work with thicker metal sheets, sometimes with patterns that have large tolerances. 
  2. They want to veer away from the heat produced by the laser cutter, knowing for a fact that this can get in the way of the cut they are trying to make. 
  3. They are handling a wide array of materials. Water jet cutting technology allows you to handle a manifold of materials too, from stone, ceramic, steel, reflective metal and many more.  
  4. With waterjet cut machine, you can work on cutting the metal sheet while remaining flat throughout the whole process whereas, in laser cutting, you may sometimes need to observe leveling. 

Laser Cutting

Even though laser cutters are qualified modern material cutting method, it is unfortunate though that it comes with one major drawback. Laser cutting machines are limited to cut through ⅝” thickness. Going beyond this thickness level, and what you can anticipate having is a poorly executed cut quality. Gives you the impression that, is it a laser cutter that did the cutting? 

laser cutting machine

Although the key selling point of laser cutting are its high level of precision and fast cutting speed, it has its own share of drawbacks, too. It just so happens that it can only handle cutting  ⅝” thickness level, and going beyond might run the risk of compromising the quality already. A custom software application or a bundle computer program that can handle and process a CAD file will initiate and carry out the cutting process within several seconds only. The vast majority of metal fabrication shops in the country employs this strategy for their prototyping requirements. 

Laser cutting machines that comes with a stackable material tower feature is also highly recommended for large production runs. Perhaps, the only thing that is considered manual labor here is the loading of the said material and subsequently unloading of the finished parts. There are also several hundreds of companies that handle long cutting runs overnight, and leaving the machine in their facility unattended.  The laser derives its energy from nitrogen or CO2. Sometimes it would be a combination of gases, transmitted via a beam and under the direction of mirrors.  The beam may offer an output of 1500 to 2600 watts on some laser cutting machines may reach 4,000 watts up to a maximum of 6,000 watts on other pieces of laser cutting equipment. Plexiglass, plastic, wood, and all metals can be efficiently and conveniently handled by laser cutting.