What Water pH Level is Important in a Hot Tub with Swim Spa Australia?

Your hot tub water pH level is among the most critical aspects of your pool equipment’s water balance. The pH range of your pool water defines how basic or acidic it is, and if it falls short of the ideal range, it runs the risk of compromising your hot tub machinery. There is also a possibility that your hot tub users would complain about skin or eye irritation.

Keeping an Ideal pH Level

The range of ph for hot tubs with Australian spa parts should be anywhere between 7.2 to 7.8. To maintain the readings within this optimal range, you need to regularly check it. You may use a pH test kit and check your hot tub twice a week. This frequency of monitoring is most recommended, more so if you are using your hot tub frequently.

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What is the significance of the pH level in relation to your hot tub water? 

Your hot tub’s water chemistry is the force behind it that keeps it clean, running smoothly, and safe to use. The pH range must be within a certain range ( 7.2 to 7.8 pH), this way other chemicals will work properly. 

To better understand this context, let us cite an example. Say, for instance, your hot tub pH level was just a tad higher at 8.2. With a water pH level like that, adding chlorine to your pool water will have a diminished efficacy of around 15%.

Low pH Level

If your hot tub water registers poor or low pH reading, meaning to say it falls way under the acceptable level, it only goes to show that you have acidic hot tub water. 

Acidic water in your hot tub or pool equipment can set the stage for corrosion to start to appear on its surfaces anytime soon and this would impact also its internal components. These parts include water pumps, filters, and heaters. 

Moreover, there is a possibility that you’d experience a hard time managing the total alkalinity of your pool water, and again, this is due to the low pH of the water. 

Hot tub users may also complain about skin or eye irritation, which can be attributed to acidic water. 

If you’ve recently managed to lower your hot tub water pH level, using excessive amounts of pH reducer products is the usual culprit of a pH level that’s too low. Another factor to take into consideration is if you happen to  use a low-pH local water source.

The hot tub water pH level is affected every single time you use  that you use your pool equipment. Sweat, lotions, body oils, and sunscreen products – all these run the risk of getting into the hot tub water itself when people use it. Insects, grass, dust, and a host of other things can also induce allergic reactions.

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There are two ways you can improve your pool water pH level. One is to replace the pool water itself. Water from a garden hose tends to have a much higher alkalinity level when placed alongside tap water. This can significantly help boost your pool water pH level. 

Another technique you can try is the use of a pH increaser product. Take caution, though, on this one. It is crucial that you precisely measure out the water volume so you can measure out also the amount of pH increaser product you will use. Don’t try to overdo it, otherwise it might cause even more harm than good. 

High pH Level

A high pH pattern suggests that your water is “basic”. When left unattended, the water runs the risk of leaving out water scale on your jets, filters, pipes, and other sensitive components over time. 

The appearance of a water scale on a hot tub with swim spa australia and other similar pool equipment raises pressure and reduces water circulation. This kind of scenario will put an extra strain on the components of your hot tub and thus shorten down their life. 

There are two common triggers for a high pH reading in a hot tub water. When rectifying a low pH level, the common mistake, to which many people are guilty of, is using excessive amounts of pH increaser products. 

Most of the time, people are unaware about it. So they do it by mistake. Another factor is that your local water supply might have a naturally higher pH level than normal.

Muriatic acid and a dry acid. 

These two chemical treatments are commonly used to pull down the level of pH of water in your hot tub. Despite the fact that they tend to generate identical results, they can be applied differently. Therefore, it is important to ensure you know which one is which and that you observe and follow given manufacturer instructions.

Wrapping Up!

It can be overwhelming for a new hot tub owner to understand all of the various steps and processes associated with proper monitoring and maintenance of hot tub water. For assistance, you should  always reach out to your hot tub dealer for any questions or relevant concerns. 

Non Slip Outdoor Tiles: Considerations to Keep in Mind

The massive bulk of outdoor patio areas are built with some type of masonries, such as concrete or block or stone paver items. But it is likewise feasible to apply floor tile to an outdoor patio, an option that provides you with a lot more design options. And laying ceramic tile could be an excellent way to dress up the current concrete slab or brick patio when it ages.

Considerations for Non Slip Outdoor Tiles

While much of the very same considerations utilized for interior tiles also influence your option of outside patio areas tiles, some concerns require to be kept leading in mind:


Unlike the floor tiles utilized for indoor wall surfaces and floors, outdoor tiles require to be especially strong and withstand an extensive range of weather conditions. Also, precisely how solid they need to hinge on the degree of use, you anticipate. A patio area for a calm retired couple calls for various products than for a family member with energetic youngsters tossing play tools around.

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Budget plan

An outdoor patio can be rather an expansive space and covering it with luxury floor tile can set you back much more than tiling a smaller sized indoor area, such as a shower room. Therefore, expense is a really important element when selecting outdoor patio tile. The array in cost can be massive, from as reduced as $1 per square foot for a material such as carpeting tiles or standard ceramic tile to $50 every square foot to have a premium slate or soapstone outdoor patio mounted.


Exterior patios need to blend in with the landscape’s total appearances and the building functions and materials of your home. Select products with shades and textures that follow the overall appearance of your property.

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Structure and slip resistance

The structure and “slipperiness” of a ceramic tile are much more vital in outdoor applications than indoor wall surface ceramic tiles and even indoor flooring ceramic tiles. Moisture is frequently integral on an outdoor patio area, as well as the tile appearance must provide some “tooth” that maintains customers from sliding. Non-slip surfaces are crucial for non-slip outdoor tiles, and some product selections are gotten rid of because of this. The structure of the patio surface could also influence your option of outdoor patio furnishings.


If you reside in an area subjected to the cycle of cold and thawing, you would certainly require an outdoor patio area ceramic tile that could hold up against severe modifications in temperature level. Porcelain, for instance, has a meager water absorption price, while sandstone is rather permeable. If water is taken in by an item of ceramic tile and that water after that ices up, the procedure can break your tile or its break the joints between tiles.

Light direct exposure

Although it is rarely identified, the quantity of sunshine an outdoor patio obtains affects the absolute best floor tile to select. Brilliant, sunny spaces ask for darker tiles. On the other hand, dim, dubious locations need to be tiled with a better material that lightens up space.

What is Self-Cleaning Swim Spas As Described By Pool and Spa Warehouse Managers?

If you are planning to buy your very own swim spa anytime soon, there is a good chance that your dealer will introduce you to a pool spa model that is autonomously self-cleaning. This type of swim spas is easy to maintain and thus will likely help you save money in the long run and last longer than expected. 

Most pool and spa warehouse managers, including dealers and their staff, are diligent enough in explaining to their prospective customers the major advantages and benefits of having a swim spa installation. 

A self-cleaning swim spa means to say that you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning and sanitizing it after every use. It is very minimal on maintenance. With that in mind, you can have more quality time to spare to have fun and enjoy the company of your family or household members in using it. 

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Not All Swim Spas Have Autonomous Cleaning Feature

When trying to shop for a swim spa, be well aware that not all swim spa models that you will see in a shop or will be presented to you by your dealer come with a self-cleaning functionality. 

Therefore, don’t make that mistake of assuming that all swim spa models that your dealer has on display in their showrooms are self-cleaning types. 

It is better to ask to be certain. If you verify that a model or make of a pool spa does not come with autonomous cleaning features, we suggest that you ask your dealer the amount of cleaning work that it will require.

According to pool and spa warehouse managers, one of the characteristics of a quality product, swim spas including, is that they are easy to maintain and take care of which is quite the opposite of similar cheapjack products. 

Think about the amount of time you will save as well as the costs from not having to clean your swim spa very often, instead you are taking your time to enjoy it or use it to have a great water exercise. 


Overview of a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

Don’t be a compulsive buyer when trying to shop for a swim spa. Choose a model and a brand that is known to help users create time for what can be considered as something that matters the most – this is the time you can have to enjoy it. 

What we have below are some of the usual components of a good and reliable self-cleaning swim spa. 

Filtration Jets

The main function of filtration jets is to clean up the water surface of a pool spa. This is done by pushing floating particles or debris towards the direction of the pre-filter and the skimmer for eventual removal.  

Pre-Filter and HIgh Flow Skimmer

The role of these parts is to help in the removal of floating debris and dirt in the water. It enhances the filtration action of the system by taking dirt from the water surface to the pre-filter, hence helping to extend the swim spa’s cleaning cycles.  

Floor Vacuum

The role of the floor vacuum is to remove grit and heavy dirt parts from the swim spa flooring. It is also responsible for the efficient circulation of whatever water care products you mix your swim spa water with.  


This is usually a micro-filter pressurized dual-core. It filters your swim spa water without needing to be visible or be in possible contact with the users of the pool spa. 

Wrapping Up!

Now that you finally have a rough idea of how a self-cleaning swim spa works, you can start looking for the perfect model and make that you know will be fitting the kind of lifestyle you have and your needs.  

Catering Equipment Repairs: Here is a Checklist

You can lengthen the lifespan of the business equipment and then bring down assistance phone calls by executing preventative upkeep on a daily or weekly and even monthly basis. You will also see that performing a standard routine to get rid of buildup and grease from the equipment would make washing and disinfecting your kitchen a lot easier. It is recommended that you stick to your manufacturer’s certain guidelines for cleaning and maintenance, though we have developed a list to help so you are on track.

Catering Equipment Repairs Checklist

Fridge Maintenance

You know that your reach in refrigeration devices are vital to the daily activities of the kitchen. If steps are taken by you to effectively keep your business refrigerator, you could guarantee years of continuous use. Be sure that you examine and follow all producer guidelines on maintenance and cleaning.

Griddle & Range Top Upkeep

Maintaining your flat top griddle as well as charbroiled daily will not just keep grease accumulation from getting out of control, it guarantees that the foods taste great. The flavors transfer from stagnant oil is a fast way to spoil the dishes. It is also a fire hazard that may be quickly avoided with everyday upkeep. Of course, stick to the producer tips in your owner’s hand before executing griddle maintenance.

Ice Machine Upkeep

Failing to clean as well as sanitize your machine consistently can result in a poor health inspection. It is not unusual for operators to overlook that ice is regarded as a food, so any surface area, bin, or scoop that would touch the ice must be viewed as a food contact surface.

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Fryer Upkeep

Your deep fryer is a great illustration of how common equipment upkeep can in fact improve the product. It is crucial to create a cream filtration and alternative routine to ensure that your fried dishes taste crispy and fresh without flavor transfer.

Walk-In Upkeep

Turning off the inside lights of freezers and walk-in coolers is among probably the easiest things you could do to economize power and always keep the unit from overloading the compressor. When the lighting fixtures are left overnight, they are likely to heat up the unit and the interior should pay for the increasing heat. It is likewise essential not to overfill the walk-in and constantly hold the aisles clear.

Dish machine Maintenance

Rinsing food scraps from soiled dishes just before putting them in the dish machine will make it possible to keep the inside of your device clean and reduce oily residue from adhering to your scrub clean dishes. Daily cleaning is going to be a lot easier and you will not have to empty the scrap bin or filter as often. An alternate way to avoid bacteria growth inside your dish machine is to leave it ready to accept air dry each night.

Stand Mixer Maintenance

To stay away from possible accidents, always be sure to unplug the mixer before regular cleaning. Pay notice to the places where the batter will frequently splatter and harden, just like the attachment hub as well as gear shaft. Hand dry or air dry some removable areas before reconstructing the mixer.

Taking care and performing catering equipment repairs is very important not just to make sure that you deliver a good service, but this will ensure that your equipment will last for a long time.

Office Furniture Wollongong: How to Make it Work in Small Spaces

woman working in small office space

Lots of people function from an office, may it be at home or perhaps in a company establishment. Such offices must be furnished for this to do the job efficiently as well as to enhance the convenience of the business bearers. Study has demonstrated that smartly created office furniture, coupled with a highly effective personalized workspace generally reflects the general efficiency as well as effectiveness of these offices as well as its bearer. It is therefore essential to create the best choice with regards to the option of office furniture.

In case you are moving into a brand-new office and plan to upgrade your office furniture, among the very first things you’ve to do is find out exactly how you can easily best arrange your business workspace. If you’ve a specific quantity of room to work with, it could be much more of a struggle.

Thankfully, you will find some suggestions for arranging office furniture in a little room which can make the task less stressful.

Office Furniture Wollonggong: Making Small Spaces Look Great

Know Your Space and Furniture

Determine the dimensions of the office space and the parts of furniture that you would like to put into the space. When you’ve these measurements, you can plan out exactly where every piece of the office furnishings must go.

Begin with the way you wish to place your office desk

Locate the power outlets and the jacks for Internet service and phone lines. Put your table near the outlets as well as jacks to get rid of the demand for operating electrical cords across the space. If possible, put the table near a window. This will help you to make the most of the organic light as it filters into the space.

Note just how the door to your office opens as well as closes

Will it open inward? If the office space of yours is little, the desk might be in the method of the door opening and closing effectively. Check out to make sure that the door will not bump into the table every time a person opens the door to come into the space.

Add a hutch to the desk of yours

Since a hutch rests on the top part of the table rather than on the floor, it offers storage overhead. This removes the need for one more slice of furniture taking up precious room on the floor.

Let your business furniture pull double duty

Since space is premium in a little business office, allow your file drawer to double as a printer stand up, or maybe insert file folders in addition to a noticeably short bookcase.

Think about using mobile storage

Mobile storage is essentially a file box on wheels. Because it can be moved about, you could provide the storage product into the workplace whenever you want it and come back out if you do not. With all these tips, even though you have a smaller space, you need not have to worry about what kind of office furniture Wollongong to use. There will always be a way to make your space look extremely great.

Why Is Virtual Home Staging Melbourne Industry Thriving Even During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

beige wooden nightstand with white desk lamp

The COVID-19 pandemic ramifications can be seen and felt everywhere. Big and small business organisations and every industry are badly affected too. If there is one single business niche that this crisis seems to have failed wreaking havoc on, it is the virtual home staging Melbourne industry. 

Unlike traditional home staging setup, where you need to remove some items inside a home to be replaced with something else like avant-garde furniture together and a few carefully selected accent pieces — all to help in augmenting the home sale price, virtual home staging is carried out on a personal computer.

Virtual home staging is a combination of 3D modeling software applications, creative photography, and imaginative renderings. The careful and intelligent use of such applications will significantly help in producing up snazzed-up rooms and spaces inside a house.

Virtual home staging comes with its array of advantages, and one of which is that the cost of property staging of this type is considerably less. Even during this time of social distancing, if you are a property owner you can still put up your home in the property market in its best look yet sans having to move a piece of single furniture out.  

One of the plausible reasons why virtual home staging Melbourne industry is growing at the moment is social distancing. Even when most people nowadays are aware of what virtual staging is, they are not yet that inclined to take advantage of it. 

virtual home staging Melbourne

The vast majority of realtors in the country are traditional and are not keen to adapt to newer technology, but the COVID-19 pandemic left them without much of a choice but to consider and try it. In the end, they realized that it is much better than the traditional method of staging up a space for the property market. 

The process of virtual staging for residential properties is fairly simple. The client, which can be a developer, realtor, or builder, will need to submit  1 or more high-quality photos of a room or rooms that the property owner would like to have styled or staged. For optimal results, as much as possible, never settle for any photo that is not professionally shot. When it comes to the picture resolution, they should come in at 3,000 x 2,000 pixels. 

After the images are properly staged, they will be sent back to the client. At this point, he will assess the work on images and determine which ones will need further modifications. This should not go without any additional cost. It is normal for clients to receive the final, working on images in 1 to 2 days. But recently, due to the surge in demand for this kind of service it may take 3-5 business days.  

There is home staging Melbourne firms that offer their clientele 3 kinds of staging services. With the virtual type of staging, the client would be sending them photos of the rooms empty. 

Their in-house designers will work it out and fill the photographed room with appropriate pieces of furniture and maybe a couple of accent pieces to heighten up the vibe of the room. For as long as they look attractive and beautiful, they can be used for social media postings together with the other marketing/promotional materials they may have.  

The second type of service they may have is the virtual removal of furniture and staging. This type of service is usually most taken advantage of by tenanted homes or apartments. 

Or any residential properties with large and heavy furniture items that moving or temporary removal would not be practical. These home styling firms can work on them and virtually remove the furniture to be replaced by a more appropriate and modern piece. 

The third service they may offer is a virtual renovation. This option works best for residential properties that no amount of staging would work but the remodeling of the space would be absolute best.

With this kind of staging service, you can have an actual image of how your indoor space would look like with a brand new flooring with an array of new appliances. Or for example what your patio would look like if you will add up a hot tub to it.

3 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Chances are actually, you use indoor ceiling fans on a fairly regular schedule. This is more than likely since they help to boost air circulation and lower power bills while building more comfortable surroundings inside of the homes of ours along with other buildings. Outdoor fan installations present a lot of the same advantages that indoor ceiling fans offer. One important extra advantage that you will get with an outside ceiling fan is actually pest control. Besides the breeze produced by the downdraft, outside fans produce an area that is actually challenging for a lot of bugs to fly through, assisting you to keep them out of the patio or maybe outdoor living room.

Passing time relaxing outside on the patio with a drink in your hand is actually among the most effective summertime scenarios. Nevertheless, if there is one thing that will have satisfaction up a notch, which could be a backyard ceiling fan. What can make these fans so popular is actually the chance to cool off spaces, circulate the atmosphere, and give a charming ambiance on your even, sunroom, patio, and porch garage? Below are a few additional benefits the backyard ceiling fans offer.

Installing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan


In case you choose to purchase an outside ceiling fan of premium quality you are able to be sure that it is going to last you a while since their blades are actually made with exclusive Abs clear plastic and are actually reluctant to other weather conditions. Additionally, these fans are designed with galvanized tubular steel as well as powder-coated paint finishes – making them in addition resistant to rust and corrosion. And, let us not forget about moisture content, these got you covered with regards to that element as well. The engine casting has a waterproof seal; therefore, you don’t have to be worried about any damages brought on by moisture.

outdoor ceiling fan


An excellent selection of backyard ceiling fans is available with the choice of added lighting. Thus, in case you choose to purchase such an outside ceiling fan, you won’t have to have some extra light fixtures, since the blower will supply it for you. If you like spending the summer night outside, you’ll surely enjoy this feature.


Yet another excellent benefit you are able to enjoy whether you purchase an outdoor ceiling fan is actually the chance to get one that is in accordance with your personal taste. Apart from choosing color and size, smart, you are able to also determine between damp rated fans or maybe wat rated ones. The distinction between these is actually that wet rated fans may be fitted in locations where they’re directly exposed to rain or perhaps in covered damp spots. On the various other hands, the damp ranked fans can’t be immediately exposed to rain, therefore they need to be fitted in a covered area only. This provides you with the chance to set up the one probably that best fits the climate you reside in along with the other benefits that it has to offer.

Do You Know What Australian Plunge Pools Look Like?

luxury plunge pools

In the past, we associated swimming pools with luxurious living and you can only have it if you have an expansive garden inside your property.

But things have changed nowadays. Even if you happen to only have a limited amount of space left in your backyard, you can still have a chance to enjoy the multifaceted benefits of a water spa and a full-sized swimming pool, and that is in the form of the Australian plunge pools.

This kind of outdoor water entertainment facility for your home can provide significant help with exercise and rehabilitation. Before we delve deeper into this, we will define first what a plunge pool is and what is in it that makes it distinct from many other swimming pool types.

What are Australian Plunge Pools?

These outdoor water entertainment facilities are compact swimming pools. And for that reason, it is safe to say that they are the perfect compromise if your property has a limited amount of space and you still want to have your own pool.

Compared to a standard hot tub, they are a little larger in terms of size. The plunge pools that we have in the market nowadays would range from 4 to 7 meters in length, 1.2 meters deep and about 2 to 3 meters wide.

Their sheer small size works to their advantage because it allows you to install them in those areas of your property where a traditional pool will never fit in. There are 3 main areas where this type of pool is making itself distinct from many others.


Plunge pools are much larger in comparison to swim spas. They have a length of about 4-7 meters, 1.2 meters deep and 2-3 meters wide, although you can sometimes come across deep-plunge pool models.

You can install plunge pools neatly along the walls, the side of your house, and fences too and even inside your home. This type of pool is not at all age-discriminating, and therefore can be enjoyed by both young kids and adults alike.


It does not mean to say that if they are small in size they would be lacking in the features of a larger sized pool. No, it is not the case for them. As a matter of fact, the sheer compact size that these pools come in can provide us with distinct advantages in as far as hydrotherapy is concerned.

If you or a member of your household is afflicted by pains or chronic aches in the body, recuperating from a physical injury or just happen to weak muscles, Australian plunge swimming pools equipped with swim jets, seats and heaters can function as a therapeutic swim spa.

It’s whirlpools and massaging jets can provide your body with the soothing, relaxing comfort it needs while its resistance jets is an excellent way to exercise your body while you swim in place. 


Compared to the standard swimming pools, plunge pools come in a wider array of designs to choose from. There are circles and ovals, geometric rectangles down to custom designs you want to have in your backyard, to suit your discriminating taste for style and fun.

Plunge pools come in a spectrum of colors and different styles from which you can choose from. With the right style for your decking and creative landscaping, you’ll be surprised by the gamut of options you’ll have in designing your personal garden retreat.

Most of the time, Sydney plunge pools are installed in-ground using fiberglass or concrete. There are also options for above ground pools if that is what you prefer to have. They will be constructed with the use of strong resin, but that would also require strong bracing.

The kind of pool that you want to have as well as the material from which it will be made from will have a direct impact on its initial cost. Naturally, it will also have a significant impact on its ongoing maintenance after it is set up and longevity of use.

Top Reasons Why Furniture Hire Services is Practical

couch pillows

Furniture hire services is a growing industry, not just in the country but also in other parts of the globe. Most of us may not consider it as the mainstream of the home decor and interior design industry, but it is gradually earning its own space in the business. 

If you have been to any part of Asia, you’d easily observe that people hailing from these regions are not very fond of the rent/lease concept or having temporary ownership of their home furnishing or whatever items found inside their humble abode. For them, ownership matters the most, especially for heirloom items.  

However, companies involved in the appliance rental and furniture hire services have so much to offer to the clientele in terms of benefits. This is true most especially to the property investors who are naturally inclined to go for convenience over hassles. It also works to the advantage of property tenants may be much more interested in availing temporary furnishing solutions.  

To help you gain new perspectives on furniture rental and why it is a practical option for your home furnishing needs, we compiled the top and popular benefits of furniture rental:

Furniture Hire Services are Cost-Effective

It is a known fact that many employees are choosing to rent out apartments and homes that are near their workplace since it is very convenient for them and cost-effective too. Due to the increase in the international workforce coming from abroad, this trend is causing a spike in the demand for more residential spaces.

Hotel accommodations must be ruled out here because we don’t classify them as a wise and practical option for the working class. What the working class needs is a comforting space that gives them the ambiance of a real home. This is where furniture rental will come into the picture and significantly help on further enhancing your home renting experience.

Nothing can be more cost-effective and practical than renting out your required furnishings when settling in an area is not yet a viable option for you. As soon as you need to move again, you can choose to terminate your lease contract for rented furnishings. After this, the furniture rental company will collect them back from your place.

elegant home styling

Rent to Own Model

With this type of business model, Rent to Own, you will be given the option to decide if you want to own your rented furnishing items and this can be made possible with a lease buyback scheme.

For those who are having a landlord and tenant relationship, should the tenant decide or requested to extend the lease period up to a specified point in time it would make more sense if he will just buy the furniture instead.

Minimal Capital Outlay for You

When you rent out furnishing for your residential space, you will only need minimal capital outlay. This is in complete contrast to a decision to make a purchase instead, you need to shell out a hefty sum of money so you can pay for those items upfront. Renting will substantially help in freeing up your money and use it for a more productive form of investment.  


In summary, furniture hire services are practical, convenient and cost-effective options to consider if you are just renting out a residential space. It is also a practical measure when you are leasing out a business or office space only for a designated period.

And another reason why we love this type of service is that it mitigates adding up to the pile of furniture waste to our environment.