Adwords Template With Search Console, Google Analytics In Data Studio

SEM & PPC Metadata Studio Report Using Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console All-In-One Template Google Metadata Studio Reports are some fun things.  Here at Ultimate SEO you love visualizations and thats partially why we like Data Studio. Beyond the looks its also integrated easily with Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Search Console to name a few. These few though create a powerful free Search Engine Optimization PPC tool. You can check out the report directly by clicking the link above, here is an embedded look at the nine pages of live metadata thats basically always right.  It’s nice to be able to pull in metadata from two very different Google tools.  Lots of people know of Google Analytics and think it covers Google Search Console but it doesn’t and I’ll discuss that more in another post but the unique data from these sources can all mix to form one handy live […]

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