PBNs: Private Website Network – The Crack Habit Of SEO

First off, lets note that PBNs are not viewed well in traditional Search Engine Optimization and are hunted like witches in Massachusetts in the 1600s.  They must be large to matter, having anywhere between 20 to several thousand sites. They are the equivalent of building dozens of Blog sites taking hours and hours from other Search Engine Marketing opportunities. They work. What Are Private WordPress Networks? Private or Personal Website Networks, PBNs are sites built with the purpose of providing backlinks to another website.  This other Blog is often called “the money WordPress.”  Google is known to be hostile to these sites and prone to deindexing those associated. It’s not as simple though to say dont have one, it may destroy you and your site.  It also has a very promising chance to increase rankings, keywords and site visibility. It is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy both loved and hated by many Search Engine Marketing […]

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