Superlatives of SEO – 140 Names To Follow

TOP SEO’S NAMED BY SMALL CLOSED GROUP I’m not a fan of ranked lists and they take me back to middle school lunch room sitting, where a self created elite define a class system.  BUT I do like that the list offers a wide range of individuals you may not have heard of.  Knowledge gaps can be closed when you step out of your comfort blogs and into unknown ones. I’m going to pull a slight twist though and rather than repeat the names of the whos who …. here are the links to the articles they recommended.  So the focus is on the knowledge not the name. ARTICLES RECOMMENDED BY THE TOP SEOS. Using Strong Internal Links for SEO Should Writers Care About Voice Search? How PageRank Really Works: Understanding Google 100+ Google Search Engine Optimization Success Factors, Ranked Data Driven Content Marketing Audit – Pubcon Vegas 2018 Five Ways to […]

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